As the US immigration procedure is becoming more rigorous, it is important to stay updated with the new rules and regulations in order to gain lawful entry into the US. US immigration expert Martin Lawler offers some valuable immigration advice to take heed of while applying for a US visa.

  1. Filing for citizenship-

    Those who have received green cards should immediately file for US citizenship in order to avoid the possibility of getting deported. A Green card only signifies permanent residence within the US borders but it does not cover citizenship. So green card holders need to apply for citizenship in order to achieve complete legal rights of staying in the US for themselves as well as their families. Though most people need to wait for 5 years after receiving their green card to apply for citizenship, others can apply sooner by visiting the USCIS website or with the help of an immigration attorney.

  2. Going for multiple visa petitions-

    If you have more than one relative staying in the US, you can ask all the eligible relatives to file for visa petitions. The reason is that visa petition waiting lists are long. It can take a lot of time for a petition to get considered. If multiple petitions are filed, the chances of high for any one of them getting accepted faster than others. You can ask your brother, sister, spouse or parent to apply for a visa and wait for one of the applications to click. This can cut down the waiting time for getting a green card.

  3. Complying with regulations-

    Visa violations can ruin your prospect of staying in the US. The probability of deportation is high in case you do not follow the rules properly while applying for a visa. There are many forms which you need to fill up carefully. Reading the fine print on every form, be it the visa, green card or work permit applications, is very important to know whether you are eligible for applying or not. The information on these forms can also give you an idea as to the rights you are entitled to after getting the entry permit. If you violate even one regulation of the visa or green card, you can get deported and your visa can get canceled. So you need to be very careful. To avoid mistakes, you can take the guidance of a US immigration attorney.

  4. Finding out accurate information-

    With so many changes in the US immigration laws in the recent months, it can be difficult to find correct answers to your queries. However, you need to take advice from reliable sources to know exactly what to expect while applying for a visa. The rules that apply for immigration to the US for your country need to be thoroughly checked so that the chances of the visa application getting rejected are low. Martin Lawler recommends going to a US immigration attorney with all your queries to get credible immigration advice and step by step guidance in visa application.

  5. Taking the assistance of US officials-

    If you want to stand a better chance at getting a visa, you can take the assistance of Congress agency officials who can make inquiries on your behalf and accelerate the process of getting the visa. The USCIS or the Consulate officials give priority to your application and take it to the next level after getting a nudge from a Congressperson. This is possible only when you have contacts within a Congress agency. You can officially send in a request to the Congressperson to look into the matter.

  6. Keeping track of your paperwork-

    One of the main reasons for visa applications getting rejected is the loss of paperwork by the USCIS. There are so many procedures and multiple levels of screening which need to followed that it becomes very difficult to keep track of the paperwork. Martin Lawler suggests making multiple copies of every document which is sent to the USCIS including receipts and mails. You should send all your queries through a certified mailing agency to ensure that the documents reach the authorities on time. Creating a file of every document not only serves as a proof of filing for a visa but these documents can serve as original copies in case the USCIS is unable to locate the file you sent.

  7. Preventing entry complications-

    You should avoid carrying items which can make the US immigration officials suspicious about your intentions of immigrating. Items like CVs and wedding dresses can raise the suspicion of the officials because they indicate plans of staying for the long term. Power and authority is vested in these officials to stop you from entering the US if they feel that you are a threat to the security of the country. You should never lie while applying for the visa regarding your term of stay or overstay in the US without permit. This can lead to your deportation and cancelation of all chances of entering the US in the future as well.

  8. Planning ahead for renewal-

    Martin Lawler includes in his immigration advice that those who are already working in the US with work permits, need to check the expiration date of the permit so that they are aware of the date of renewal. It is better to apply for renewal much ahead of time because the process takes a long time. The USCIS officials are bogged down with work and there are huge backlogs. If you wait till the last moment and your visa does not get renewed before expiry of the previous one, you can be in serious trouble. The US immigration authorities can arrest and deport you for losing the legal right to stay in the country.

Keeping these points in mind while applying for a new visa or renewing the current one can help you to stay out of trouble and gain lawful entry into the United States or work, travel, education or medical help. Martin Lawler provides expert immigration advice for all kinds of visa applications. Lawler and Lawler attorneys can assist you in getting entry permits for the US with relative ease while complying with all the norms.