EB-2 Visa Applications with Martin Lawler

A large number of US employers look to hire foreign workers for their businesses under the EB-2 green card visa program. Every year the United States allows a particular number of green cards under the EB-2 visa program for foreign workers who  fill specific employment vacancies for US companies.

Essentially, an EB-2 green card is available for the individuals/ foreign workers who fall under the United States’ second preferred category EB-2 program. The EB2 Green Card is an extremely desirable proposition for the foreign nationals since it can pave a faster way to permanent U.S. residence status.

However, the EB-2 visa category is closely scrutinized by USCIS, which makes it essential to hire an expert EB-2 Visa consultant with a rich and successful a track record in successful EB2 applications such as Martin Lawler.

If you’ve been looking for more information on the EB-2 visa program and expert guidance to navigate the process efficiently, Martin Lawler, an expert EB-2 visa attorney explain everything you need to know about EB-2 visas below.

What is an EB-2 visa?

EB-2 visa is a specialized visa category ideal for people looking for the permanent residency status in The United States. Since this is a specialized visa category, it requires the person seeking the EB-2 visa to have the relevant educational qualification and significant work experience in his/her area of expertise.

EB2 Green Card holders are allowed to bring their legal spouse and let them stay in the U.S. via an E-21 application whereas the minor children (unmarried, fewer than 21) can apply through the E-22 application respectively.

Who is eligible for EB-2 Visa?

Below are the individuals eligible for the EB-2 visa category-

  • Expert foreign professionals with advanced degrees

Any individual/foreign national with advanced educational degrees such as a Bachelor’s degree with significant experience, Master’s degree, law or medical degree, Ph. D along with the work offer from a US employer can apply for the EB-2 Visa.

  • Specialized ability and relevant work experience

Any individual/foreign national with a current job offer from a US employer due to the proven ability in specific fields such as arts, business, medicine, science, or athletics along with 10+  years of experience in his/her field can apply for the EB-2 Visa.

  • Foreign nationals with a National Interest Waiver

Any individual/foreign national who can prove the fact that his or her activities/services will inherently benefit the national interest of the United States can apply for this visa category. To be able to apply for EB-2 under this category, the applicant must also be required to prove that the applicant’s field has a significant intrinsic merit towards the country’s national interest.

How can Martin Lawler help you secure EB-2 visa?

The process of employment-based immigration to the United States of America is a complex one. Securing an EB-2 Visa requires the expertise of a well-qualified and professional EB-2 consultant to help you navigate the process efficiently and avoid the potential roadblocks.

Martin Lawler is an expert EB-2 consultant at Lawler and Lawler based in San Francisco, California. Martin brings rich experience of over thirty years and assists immigrants in securing EB-2 visa and other visa categories.

Martin can help you in the following areas during your EB-2 Visa application procedure:

  • End to end guidance during all the stages of the employment immigration procedure on a case by case basis
  • Martin Lawler carries many years of rich experience in the EB-2 visa field that can help you create the best strategy to meet and speed up the document processing of all of the EB-2 requirements efficiently.
  • Provide assistance to the eligible employees in obtaining EB-2 green cards without any delays.
  • Martin, as an expert EB-2 consultant, can make sure that you get the benefit of the most appropriate EB-2 green card programs.

Martin’s expertise in navigating specific EB-2 requirements

Martin Lawler offers the expert services to help immigrants seeking an EB-2 green card fulfill additional requirements under two of the three categories i.e. Exceptional Ability and National Interest Waiver

These specific requirements are listed below-

  • Complete academic record of the degree relating to the field of exceptional ability
  • Salary documentation indicating the fact that the person has exceptional ability in the particular field
  • Complete documentation regarding the professional license or certification
  • All the documents including the 10 years of work experience in the particular field
  • Any type of government recognition of achievements in the field or any other evidence that indicates exceptional ability

The EB-2 Visa application procedure explained by EB-2 Visa consultant-Martin Lawler

Lawler and Lawler explains the complete process of EB-2 visa application in the following three steps:

1.) Under the first step of the EB-2 visa application, the US employer who wishes to hire a foreign worker needs to

  • File an application with the US Department of Labor for Permanent Labor Certification using Program Electronic Management Review (PERM) System.
  • Certify that a job opening is available in a specified professional field
  • Specify that the job is available to both the US workers and the foreign workers and it will be paid for at the prevailing industry rates

2.) The second step of the EB-2 visa application requires the US employer to go through an extensive recruitment process to fill the position appropriately. Post all the requirements completion, a PERM form will be issued by the Department of Labor


  1. Once the PERM form is received, the US employer wishing to sponsor a foreign worker for an EB-2 green card required to complete and file form I-140, which is the petition for the EB-2 visa
  2. The applicant t needs to wait for his or her EB-2 priority date, largely dependent on the application received date, to be eligible to proceed to the next step of the EB-2 visa application

Martin Lawler, as your expert EB-2 consultant, can bring the right amount of knowledge and expertise required to complete the EB-2 visa application process.