Here are a few changes in the EB-5 program that will soon be implemented:
• USCIS will publish a new I-526 form.
• USCIS will raise the I-526 filing fee from $1,500 to probably $3,675.
• Congress will likely pass a “continuing” resolution that will extend the Regional Center program to December or March.
• USCIS will interview some I-829 removal of conditional residence applicants by Skype. On the last Stakeholder call, USCIS officials said they understand applicants in RC projects may not know many project details and that the RC may have a representative at the interview.
• High unemployment TEA areas may become more difficult to obtain if the economy continues to improve. New, more restrictive TEA rules are anticipated as well.
I will write more about each of these topics as these changes are enacted.

Martin J. Lawler