Martin Lawler

I-829 EB-5 Delays

The I-829 is filed between 21 to 24 months after admission as an EB-5 conditional permanent resident. The USCIS processing time for EB-5 removal of conditional residence petitions is now up to an average of 20 months. This is entirely too long.
However, people with I-829 applications on file can travel internationally and have the right to live and work or go to school in the U.S. Also, these individuals are accruing time toward the 5 years of residence needed to apply for naturalization to become a U.S. citizen once the I-829 is granted.
USCIS granted 2,300 I-829s in the past year. USCIS will soon start interviewing some applicants by video/skype. An immigration attorney and representative of the Regional Center may attend these interviews with the investor.

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